Ebook: How To Test Your
Backup And Disaster Recovery

A Complete Guide to Backup and Disaster Recovery Testing, Based on Years of Real-World Experience

It’s easy to under-estimate just how complex major backup failures can be.

At Storagepipe, we’ve witnessed every kind of data disaster you could possibly imagine. And every day, we see first-hand evidence of what can happen if you don’t consistently maintain the right backup habits.

Of course, every seasoned IT administrator knows they should test their data backups on a regular basis. But despite this, few companies actually do it.

This is partly because they’re too busy with more important projects, and also partly because backup testing is always seen as a low-priority task that can be done “later”.

But when it comes to “Backup and Recovery”, the RECOVERY is the only part that matters!

That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide, outlining some core concepts that will help you ensure that your backup and disaster recovery processes are solid, reliable and well-rehearsed. This way, you’ll have confidence in knowing that you can consistently recover from any data disaster.

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